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The CEO Mega Pak is a “business in a box!” Not only does it give you $500 worth of Youngevity’s best-selling products, but it also includes a welcome kit and critical training tools that will help get you off to a great start. We offer several CEO Mega Pak options. Just choose the version that best matches your area of interest and product focus.

Steve Wallach

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– Steve Wallach

CEO Qualified

Starting your Youngevity career with a CEO Mega Pak provides exceptional product value and training, but it does so much more! When you purchase any of the Mega Pak options, you become “CEO Qualified” which makes you eligible to receive many additional earnings and perks. Everyone benefits from the Youngevity product line and business opportunity, but becoming CEO Qualified opens doors to everything the company offers. The total package of rewards is unrivaled in the industry!

CEO Qualified

Additional bonuses

In Youngevity, there are 10 ways to get paid! As a CEO Qualified Distributor you are eligible for ALL of them including exciting coding bonuses, global revenue sharing and stock options*. 

What is YOUR dream car? Let us pay you a monthly bonus up to $1,000 for a car lease, or pay for your very own dream car! 

Like to travel? Let us treat you to an exotic dream vacation with other top achievers. Now that’s living!


*Not available to Montana Residents

Additional bonuses

If you’re ready to begin the journey, take the first step by selecting the Mega Pak that works best for you.